One More Round Philosophy

It’s that time of the year where we find out what we are all made of, what we stand for, and if we are truly all in for children and each other.

In education we have many situations where everyone knows when and how to say the right things, sing kumbaya and go through the motions of saying I make a difference. The truth is so many educators and leaders back this up by getting bogged down in toxic conversations that focus on the uncontrollable external and internal factors and all the excuses for why we can’t make a difference.

The truth of the matter is the inspiring work that we do is hard work, it’s not easy and it doesn’t come without sacrifice to both ourselves and all those around us. The sooner we acknowledge and embrace this the sooner we feel liberated from all the toxic internal and external factors that weigh us all down in our effort to make a difference each and every day.

“One More Round” is a metaphor for acknowledging all the hard work that goes into the opportunity that comes with being a relentless educator. In our roles as leaders and educators there are going to be many circumstances that are going to knock us down and challenge us all on our ability to get back up each and every time and come back for more.

As we turn the corner for home I want you to really think about how you are going to attack the next few weeks as a leader, educator, and professional.

I want to ask each and every one of you who read this-

What does “one more round” mean to you?

How far are you willing to go for those around you, those you lead and most importantly for children?
Do you put those around you first or do you cast a shadow that detracts from the team and children?


What do you do to put the team and those around you first?

As a young high school athlete I experienced a lot of success and I remember a teacher whom I did not like, giving me one of my life’s greatest lessons – he said, “You will never be great while you do all the talking about yourself, let others beat the drum for you.”

That message has truly resonated with me over the years and taught me a lot about being humble, putting others first and not singing my own praises. Life taught me to be hungry, be relentless and be humble, for life has a way of humbling us quickly.

Don’t take each other, your school or your children for granted – embrace the opportunity that comes each and everyday!

We do have the greatest job on the planet!

The great teams, the great organizations and the great schools put the team first, they put the team success over the individuals success. They move mountains for one another and they are all in. They leave egos at the door, or the egos don’t get invited back – or their message is lost.

It’s easy to be great in September, at the beginning of the fight or in the first round. Your fortress and legacy are not built on what you do in just a week at the beginning of the year, project or first round – its built on what you do each and every day and when the work gets hard!

“One More Round” is about the work you do when no one else is watching, what you do to lift those around you up, it’s how far you are willing to go for a child and the team.

When you come through the doors each and every day, choose your attitude. You own it and nobody else does – your attitude is not someone else’s responsibility it’s yours – that’s up to you each and every day.


Think about the opportunity that you have each and everyday  – the reasons why you wanted to be a leader and educator and make a difference in the lives of children. If you are not thinking about the opportunity you are focused on  the obligation of turning up each and every day – this is when average happens. If you are leading and teaching for opportunity you are on fire – the greats are different, they are games changers and this is what children need each and every day.

Let’s hold each other accountable for our actions and words, lets hold each other individually and collectively accountable for our team and school success!

Lets hold each other accountable most importantly for children!

While we all have life going on, we all have our personal hurdles and commitments – during the time we are together and working side by side in the trench – let’s make that time count, let’s put the noise and outside distractions to side for the few hours we come together and do everything in our power and then some more to help children be the best that they can be – whatever their journey.

No excuses, we don’t blame children – SO WHAT, NOW WHAT!

I want to know if you have one more round left in you, how many times will you get back up for those around you and for children – I personally am relentless in my pursuit of excellence for teachers and students. I will get back up again and again for teachers and students because the work we do each and every day makes a difference in the outcomes for all.

Lets go one more round for each other!

Lets go one more round for greatness!

Lets go one more round for children!

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Hamish Brewer

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